So, I finally know what a great loan provider is like!

I have always been an independent woman all my life!

Dependence per se and financially has never really been my model in life and if there was one thing that I never really wanted to be was to be dependent on anyone ever. But after my second child, getting out of our home was increasingly getting difficult and I realized that even though I had a daycare and a mother to bank on, I could never really stay too long away from home.

And that is why I settled down with a part-time job:

I part-timed with a publishing company as a copywriter and did freelance proofreading whenever time afforded me. I kept late hours and also doubled up at the office when it was warranted. I tried to be quite flexible with my work so that kids do not have to take the brunt of not having both the parents around.

Oh, about y husband!

He was in the defense and commissioned by the army to work offshore and even though he used to call in once in fifteen days we would never really know the location that he is posted in. in this kind of circumstances cannot say that financial situation was under control if I did not contribute, it would not be possible to maintain the standard of living that we were used to before the new baby came in!

But you know that once in a while when you need a loan!

I fret the preconditions that credit institutions and mortgages have that require you to physically approach them and queue up in front of them and then carry wads of papers in order to prove every credential that you have along with written affidavits for every point in case.

I have insanely spent days together at banks and credit institutions trying to get a loan. It was on t=one of the nth occasion that I so gave up on them because they wanted me to prove everything in black and white.

They did not appreciate that I was a nursing mother even:

In spite of my best intentions, I have never really been through these grueling loan acquiring situations when I wanted to so badly borrow some money but they would not stop sending me from pillar to post in order to make sure that their procedure was not bypassed. Or god’s sake I was a nursing mother and there was only so much energy and nerves I had that day to take all the grilling. And I walked out of the building swearing to myself that I would never ever step into such quagmire of a place even if it is the last day of my life and I am so desperate.

Payday loans are such a boon:

Has it ever happened to you that you expect that you will sustain the entire month within your package itself and then some unforeseen event happens and you are totally drained? I know you will appreciate this when you have two toddlers running about in your house. They are most vulnerable to seasonal infections and even small accidents. These are things that you cannot avoid even if you have the best of intentions.

So, candy, the older one had a bout of fever while the younger one injured his little finger in the window hinge! Do you get the drift?

This meant that the money that was to last one more week was spent in buying medicines for both. And that also means that I had to apply for a Payday Pixie loan! I was terrified at the prospect of having to procure a loan. But with such prodding and encouraging words from a few friends who regularly borrow from this place I decided to do it lest we have nothing to fall back on in the last week of the month before we could get an up in the bank account!

And I was surprised, pleasantly of course!

Payday pixie service is a loan service provider in the UK but it is not like any loan service. It is a revolutionary one and it is one of the best that I have come across in the whole wide world! No, not exaggerating, believe me!

No papers, no queues!

There was no need for any paperwork at all!

I mean can you even think of someone giving you a loan albeit however small without asking you bundles of papers and buying time in weeks to verify each of it individually! I was so impressed when all they required of me was the salary slip of my previous three months.

I could apply for the loan online!

This was the best of the offer. Imagine standing in a queue at a physical credit institution with two sick children! I would have been mortified at that thought. The online application gave me immense comfort and no sooner had I applied, the loan got sanctioned in a matter of hours. I was impressed, to say the least.

This one is on my recommendation list:

I opted for the provision of electronically clearing off my outstanding as soon as the salary was credited to my account. This not only ensured that I had my peace of mind but also the fact that my credit score stayed consistent.

The idea that getting short-term loans for a small amount of a minimum interest is so empowering that now even if something were to go wrong I would not be a panic-stricken pumpkin! Please don’t mind the metaphors wink!


Okay, so now anyone who needs advice on their finance and who cares to know how I keep calm and manage my monthly budgets, I have payday pixie to recommend to them. Because I know for sure whether anyone is there or not, this particular institution has my back.

You can read their website to know how they can be helpful to you and/or you could alternatively even send them a mail. I am sure that this piece of information can be life-saving to you just as it was for me!